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Dodo & Woolly

Digital Currency



Whenever you send or receive message you get Dodo bonus. 0.001 Dodo for sending a message. 0.01 Dodo for receiving a message.



Whenever you refer someone, both of you get 5 Woolly bonus.



The awesome app is growing, once we have 10 million users, the cryptocurrencies will be made public for trading, payments and other usages. Till then keep earning Dodo and Woolly.


Max Dodo & Max Woolly

There is no limit to max Dodo. However the bonus may be reduced once the usage of app increases. Woolly is associated with IMEI number of your phone. So there can only be 10 X number of IMEI ever can exists. For each IMEI number, 10 Woolly generated. If a user registers directly without any referral, the person gets 5 Woolly and remaining 5 comes to us (awesome app).